Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY Organic Anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner recipe with Tea Trea Oil

While growing up, my mom's home remedy for keeping the kids healthy was a teaspoon of bleach in every dish load. Actually, she used bleach for everything! I am probably one of the only people that I know of who absolutely LOVES the smell of bleach and gets a warm and home-y feeling when its aroma fills the air! She also had a jar of lysol in every room (that smell does NOT make me warm and fuzzy) and her cleaning arsenal was filled with TONS of bottles of cleaners.

Well, that was my mom and this is me. There was and is nothing wrong with how my mom raised us but I am taking a more natural and organic approach to life. Not only do I not use those chemical filled cleaners but I also do not need as many different types of cleaners! I have found many natural cleaners actually serve multiple purposes. This is VERY important for this busy and frugal mom of 5!

When I first took my journey into green cleaners, I began by buying the products on the shelves at the store. I was shocked to find lengthy ingredient lists and HIGH prices. If I was going to stay committed to my newly found GREEN lifestyle...I  was going to have to do a little research and a little more DIY.

This brings me to my new favorite cleaner...My Homemade Tea Tree Oil Multipurpose cleaner. I began cleaning with just simple vinegar and water but was really looking for something with a major antibacterial punch for cold and flu season.

Tea Tree Oil is well known for its healing powers. It is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and it is said to enhance the immune system. Take that chemical cleaners -my cleaner is organic, chemical free, and kills the bad guys.

I was also super impressed to find that this miracle cleaner was easy to make and easy on the  budget. Once I made the cleaner.....I found that it could be used everywhere!!! Use this to sanitize and disinfect, clean surfaces, fight mold, heck...even fight insects(repellant)!

Here is how to make it....

1. water (2 cups)
2. tea tree oil (2 tablespoons)

Can you believe it...that is All!  Mix it together in a spray bottle and you have an anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/deodorizing miracle!

  • Some people will add a capful of Dr. Bronners soap but I haven't found it necessary.
  • You can add some vegetable oil to use on wood
  • Use in conjunction with salt to scrub away stubborn messes and tile!
Here are 10 other uses for that bottle of tea tree oil... Since you will now have it on hand!
  1. Add a few drops to your shampoo to fight dandruff
  2. A few drops will help heal skin infections and athletes foot.
  3. Add a few drops to a vaporizer to clear chest congestion and alleviate breathing problems.
  4. Relieves earaches; mix 1 drop of tea tree oil with 1 tsp. olive oil, drop mixture into the ear 
  5. Add a few drops to your vacuum bag to kill dust mites.
  6. Removes ticks
  7. Can be used to prevent and kill head lice
  8. Deters fleas
  9. Add a few drops to your laundry to freshen 
  10. Use to remove skin tags

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!!! don't have to spend a bunch of money to clean "GREEN" nor do you have to use tons of chemicals to keep your family healthy. There are some natural remedies out there that were simply created to be medicinal AND SAFE!

I hope you will follow the site and start your "green" cleaning journey with me!

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