Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Make Scented Pine Cones


I was in my yard planting flowers and saw some gorgeous pine cones just laying in the street. I had another "Pinterest" moment and quickly gathered them up to do something with. Well, that was a few weeks ago and they have been sitting in a bag just begging to be thrown away by my husband. With the threat of Earth Day hanging over my head...I just couldn't let  that happen. So, I decided to get CRAFT and make my own homemade scented pinecones.

I thought it would be difficult but actually found it to be pretty simple! I know that typically, these guys are scented with cinnamon but it is a bit too strong and "seasonal" for me so I opted for a lighter citrus scent. The steps are easy and you only need a few things so why not jump in and make your own!

Items Need:

  • Essential Oils (your choice)
  • Pine Cones
  • Spray Bottle
  • Container which can be sealed
  • Tin Foil (to line baking sheet)


JACKPOT!1. Collect Pinecones

2. Wash pinecones to remove any debris and bugs :)

3. Bake Pinecones at 250 degrees for about an hour. This will make your house smell awesome BTW! 

4. Add essential oil - there are 2 ways to do can
A) Put the pinecones in a container and drop in a few drops of essential oil. Shake well then seal for a week.
B) Add essential oil and water to a spray bottle. Spray the pinecones down with your scented water. With this method, you will only need to place the cones into a container for an hour or so then let them air dry the rest of the way.

The pinecones can be used over and over again and are a beautiful addition to any room.



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