Monday, April 22, 2013

Repurposed Glass Jars - Homemade Sea Glass


Homemade "Sea Glass"

So I am going to admit that this wasn't my creation. I have watched this trick make its way around pinterest until I finally had enough glass jars to keep all of the kiddies busy at the same time. My husband has been looking at me like I was crazy for saving these BTW...

This look is all over the stores right now! I spotted one in a teal color at TJ Maxx the other day that was marked at $50! After seeing how easy it was to make...I will find a huge vase at the Goodwill and will just make it myself.

So, here is all you need to make your own Pretty "Sea Glass"

1. Food Coloring
2. Foam Brushes
3. White School Glue
4. Glass Jars ( I used old candle jars and jelly jars)

This is really the easiest thing that I have picked up from Pinterest.

Check out this BEFORE and AFTER!

Please remember that the kids made these! I did go behind and do a second coat but they did most of the work themselves.


Take a DRY clean glass jar. I used candle jars and jelly and pickle jars.

Mix together white school glue and food coloring. We used the neon food coloring but you can mix any colors together to get a great effect.

Using a foam brush, paint the jars. We started with a light coat then went back over them with a second and sometimes a third heavier coat.

**Note - I don't know yet if they paint will wash off the outside so be careful getting them wet! School glue is washable so I would think it would go bye-bye!

Let them dry and you have....

This was a great way to spend a chilly afternoon, Upcycle some glass jars, and was a craft that I could keep all of the kids on at once! We have more jars to paint and even the hubby thought they looked cool!


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