Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kermit was WRONG!

It is SO EASY Being Green!

I think that the most common misconception about being green is that it is expensive or time consuming. Take it from a cheapskate with no time (nor patience) - being GREEN is easy and actually can SAVE you money! This is my first stab at a "Wordless" Post so there won't be much commentary from here! Just some pictures of how I saved some Green while getting GREEN this week! Enjoy
IMAG0913.jpg1. Cute Planters! Yep, 1 is an old juice container and the other a busted kid's sand pail. The pail had a crack which made it PERFECT for what I needed. I actually love the juice container so much that I am doing more!

2. Homemade Wrapping Paper & Gift Boxes - to see more on this - Click HERE.

3. Jars - I am not buying ANY more plastic containers. WHY WOULD I? The companies are giving away glass containers! This is some homemade Sweet Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing. Check out the Recipe.

IMAG0912.jpg4. We unplugged! We started turning off all non-essential electronics after dinner and had some family time outside. While there, we noticed that our strawberries are doing very well! (Go us. Until now....I had only been able to keep children alive...not plants!)

IMAG0914.jpg5. Since we are new gardeners....we need all the help we can get! I saved our egg shells to sprinkle around our plants to prevent the critters from eating our treasures. It doesn't hurt them,  is safer than spraying chemicals and is cheap! The animals will step on the shells and get spooked but not be hurt!

IMAG0844.jpg6. Art from trash! I LOVE these pizza boxes from Trader Joes. The colors are awesome AND they will make a cute matching pair for my kitchen walls. I will be hitting goodwill for the square frames ...a set of these puppies new would cost at least $40! Check out more of my Trash to Art Projects!

7. Home Beauty Remedies! I washed my face with Apple Cider Vinegar (awesome toner), have a homemade mayo deep conditioner in my hair, and brushed my teeth with a bit of baking soda and lemon!

That's about as "wordless as I get" - I tried...right?!?!

Try something GREEN today!


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