Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So...I can finally admit it, I have become a "Hippie" ...please don't tell my husband! I am noticing myself- everyday- finding uses for things that I used to throw away. First was lemon peels, then egg shells, the crusts of bread (post coming soon) , and now banana peels have made the list. Just think...before the other day, I thought banana peels were only good for tripping people - and trust me...they really aren't even good for that. Now, I know that the peel has TONS of uses. They contain antifungal, antibiotic and enzymatic properties that are too great to be thrown away!

In addition to being a hippie, I am also CHEAP...I mean "Frugal".  I go to the grocery store almost everyday to scope out the "ripe" fruit selections. I ALWAYS score with bananas. Whenever I find the bananas with this gorgeous red label I buy everything that they have! My grocery store marks these gems down to 29 cents PER POUND..which means I get about 5 bags FULL of bananas for $5! They may not look pretty on the outside BUT the inside is still beautiful! These 5 bags of bananas don't make it very long at my house- my kids will eat them all day long leaving little room for me to use them- but I still get to use them up in some awesome ways: banana bread; smoothies; top them with peanut butter; and even on cereal when I can get to them!

This overusage of bananas leads to one thing....TONS of banana peels sitting in the trash can.  I began to feel badly about this waste so went on a mission to find some uses...here they are in no particular order!


1. Splinter removal - If you have a pesky splinter, simply wrap the peel around it and let it sit for a while. The enzymes in the peel should cause the splinter to work its way to the surface!

2. Warts - The peel is also said  to cure warts! Rub the warts each night before bed time with the inside of the banana peel. Over time, your warts will disappear! It is also great for plantar warts.

3. Bug Bites - The bugs...they LOVE me so I will definitely be using this trick more often. Rub the inside of a banana peel over your itchy bits and you will get some relief!

4.  Use them to fertilize plants - I have heard of this being done a few ways...compost heaps, drying them out, etc BUT this is the easiest that I have heard of! Add banana peels to a jar and cover with water. The nutrients from the banana peel will seep their way into the water. Use this nutritious water on your plants and they will love you! I have also heard of  people placing the peels or cut up peels under mulch to be absorbed into the ground.

5. Love butterflies? Add small pieces of peel to your garden and you should see more butterflies!

6. Acne relief - Rub the white side of the peel on any acne you may have - do not rinse it off for at least 30 minutes.  This will bring the trapped oils and junk to the surface and with regular use (shoot for 3 times a day if you can) will eliminate acne!

7. Whiten teeth - Not sure if this one works or not but it is reported that rubbing your teeth for 2 minutes a day with the white side of the peel will whiten and brighten your smile! Some swear by it....I will have to test it out and see what I think!

8. Baking a chicken- Wrap the chicken with a few banana peels and the chicken will remain moist and tender while cooking!

9. Fight Wrinkles and Aging - Bananas are known for their restorative properties and also for fighting age! Regularly applying banana peel to your forehead and cheeks can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. It May not a miracle treatment but think of all of the vitamins and minerals you will be imparting to your skin.

10. Household uses - you can also polish silver, shine up leather shoes, and clean the leaves of artificial plants with the banana peel

Do you ave any wacky uses for the banana peel? I would love to hear about it !


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